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Frequently Asked Questions

If you cannot find the answer to your question please contact



Something's gone wrong with payment processing.

If you heard a click, saw a flicker and returned to the same page it has declined you for any of a number of reasons including incorrect data entry. Try again.
If it didn't click: there is an error either in the server or the buyline, the message did not get through, payment has not processed, nor has it been declined. Try again later or complain to me at and I will contact our IT. BNZ Buyline does regularly close for maintenance.

You should not be able to pay the same invoice twice and any online processing should be immediate. Payment processing at INFINZ is on a monthly cycle but cash cannot escape the reconciliation process. If you decide not to try again, you'll eventually receive an invoice reminder. If you try again and manage to pay twice without your knowledge (this has never happened but there's always a first), you will eventually be contacted for your credit card number to process a refund.

Can't log on.

Make sure you have in your browser and not ''.

Member/Profile/User ID - ?

  1. The four-digit number on your membership certificate is your Member ID. If you can't remember it or are not a paid member enter the email address to which we send you emails, your 'preferred' email address.

Forgot my password.

  1. If you have never changed your password it may still be on its default setting, being your surname. (You may wish to change that on the details update page...)
  2. Failing that, ask the system to email your password to you. If you have moved and no longer have access to that email address, contact

How do I change my password/update my contact details?

  1. Hover your mouse over 'member's page, and choose the 'update details' box from the drop-down list.
  2. If you are not a member of INFINZ, you will still be able to access that particular page in the members' area but won't be able to access anything else in there.

I want to pay by credit card on line but I've lost the email with the link.

  1. Go to
  2. Log on.
  3. A list of your outstanding invoices will appear
  4. You can click on the left-hand ellipsis (...) for a pdf of the relevant invoice to make sure it is correct
  5. If all is in order, click on the 'pay now' button. This will take you to the secure screen which asks for your credit card details.
  6. Don't forget to log off.


I registered for the wrong event!

  1. Easiest Option:
    forward the invoice which will be in your inbox to and instruct us to register you for the desired event. Any payment already made will be applied to the new invoice. This may take a few days.
  2. Most Secure Option:
    If you want the security of knowing you're attending the correct event, register for the event you wished to attend in the first instance, (choose 'pay on invoice' if you already paid for previous event.) This locks in your registration for that event, and then you can email with a request to apply your payment to the correct event and delete the incorrect registration. When this is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.

I'm interested in some INFINZ event email notifications but not all.

  1. You can change the notifications you receive in the 'update details' section. Your choices are all/any/none of the following: Annual Awards, Annual Conference, member seminars in 3 main centres (please choose area). For INFINZ members there are two more lists; emailed in-news, and INFINZ Updates. These cannot be accessed online as this would allow non-members to tick those boxes.
  2. Or just email


I've moved overseas: what are my options?

  1. You may remain a member, receiving a 50% discount on your subscription fees and can tailor the kinds of emails you wish to receive by an online personal details update, or over the phone, or via email. You will not be able to change your membership status to overseas however; so please advice at

I don't want to be a member any more

We are legally obliged to maintain a members’ register therefore if you wish to resign you must send written notification to

I'm a non-member, how do I pay my invoices online?

Go to the payments page (, and log on. You can either click the left ellipsis (...) button and view a PDF of the invoice or choose 'pay now' on the right hand side of the screen. This will take you to a secure payments page where you can enter your credit card details.

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